To Solve the Problems Caused by Long-term Bunions

Foot Arch Pain

Ball of Foot Pain

Common & Plantar Warts

Foot Corns or Calluses

Foot Odor & Sweat

Heel Pain

Knee Pain

Lower Back Pain

Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Hard, Dry, Rough & Cracked Skin

Shin Splints

Tired, Achy Feet

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【Comfortable Adjustable Knob】Our Best Bunion corrector for women & men adopts adjustable knob design. Acting as a big toe straightener Which can steplessly accurately correct the angle and relief pain, increasing traction and improving comfort. 
【Effective Double Correction】 This bunion corrector can push the big foot bone while pulling the big toe apart to restore the normal toe fundmentally. Our bunion corrector specially equipped with 3 different angle fixing plates for users could meet the needs of bone setting in different hammer toe bunion periods.
【Professional Materials】 The bunion corrector is made of high-quality materials and is equipped with a large bunion pad to minimize hallux valgus. This soft silicone inner bunion pad could be reused to protect big toe from friction.The extended elastic strap is suitable for feet of different sizes in the United States. 
【Usage Frequency Suggestion】 Our bunion corrector has received high praise from users around the world. 
【R&D Team】 YEWFOND R&D Team mainly composed of physical therapists in the field of foot health and structural engineers with decades of experience. We has invented this toe corrector after much practice.

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